Explore Europe - take in the mountains, lakes, cites and culture of this great continent

European Walks

With The Wayfarers, you see the real Europe away from the crowds. You meet the people who live there, see its treasures, taste the exquisite cuisine and explore its highly varied landscapes, ranging from Alpine mountains, icy fjords and noble rivers to historic cities, wilderness areas, the savage Atlantic coast and the warm Mediterranean shore. Whatever you choose, it’s a pleasure to share the lifestyles and culture that have shaped Western Civilization for thousands of years.

As well as a full program of French and Italian Walks, we visit a selection of lesser-known European destinations. These include the unspoiled rural paradise of Slovenia, German Bavaria with its fairytale castles, the Austrian Alps where The Sound of Music was set, Switzerland and two Walks in the Czech Republic, a beautiful landscape and site of some of the most historic political upheavals in modern history.

In Croatia, our Walk takes you back to the Mediterranean as it used to be, a land of simple fishing villages, olive groves and small vineyards next to a chalky-blue sea.

Our dedicated Walk Managers and renowned Walk Leaders will be at your side wherever you choose to go, helping you to enjoy an amazing walking vacation.

Norway - Bergen & the Western Fjords

Norway - Bergen & the Western Fjords

tour the Haseatic Wharf in Bergen, glacier walking, historic visits in the Western Fjordland of Norway
Discover the history, culture and cuisine of Brittany and Normandy on a walking vacation with time to learn about the D-Day landings and explore Omaha Beach in the company of an expert guide.

France Brittany & Normandy

Walking vacation of culture and history in France's Brittany and Normandy regions
Alsace - Walking Tour


The Alsace Wine Trail, distinctive cuisine and Europes highest concentration of feudal castles
France - Burgundy - Walking Tour

France - Burgundy

Luxury Accommodation and Gourmet Dining aboard Barge La Belle Epoque with walking and cycling too!
The Loire - River of the Kings - Walking Tour

The Loire - River of the Kings

We walk through the historic garden of France, passing royal châteaux and vineyards
Le Pays Basque - Walking Tour

Le Pays Basque

We take you on a journey in the Pyrenees - coastal trails, ancient towns and unique local cuisine.
Cézanne's Provence - Walking Tour

Provence - Fragrances, fine dining and artistic inspiration

We discover the landscape that inspired Cézanne, Monet & Matisse, a firm favorite with all our walkers.
The Amalfi Coast & The Isle of Capri - Walking Tour

The Amalfi Coast & The Isle of Capri

Mountain vistas, blue seas, we discover roman ruins, gardens and classic italian food
The Dolomites - Walking Tour

The Dolomites

UNESCO World Heritage Site Walking in Northern Italian Alps
Italy - Venice & The Veneto - Walking Tour

Italy - Venice & The Veneto

The opulence of the Venetian Empire, Palladian Villas, hilltop towns and incomparable Venice.
Sicily: Agrigento, Marsala & The Isle of Mozia - Walking Tour

Western Sicily: Agrigento, Marsala & The Isle of Mozia

We visit Greek temples, nature reserves and sample local specialties
Sicily: Ragusa, Siracusa & Mt Etna - Walking Tour

Eastern Sicily: Ragusa, Siracusa & Mt Etna

Volcanoes, Roman ruins and timeless pathways, we take in Sicily's classical antiquity
Classic Tuscany Birthplace of the Renaissance - Walking Tour

Classic Tuscany

We explore classic Tuscany, the land of the Renaissance
Tuscany and Umbria - Walking Tour

Tuscany and Umbria

If Tuscany is a legend, Umbria is a little-known medieval fable, we explore the hills and lakes that brought us Chianti wine.
Cinque Terre & The Riviera - Walking Tour

Cinque Terre & The Riviera

We walk the Roman trade routes of the Italian Riviera exploring picturesque habor towns and cliff-top footpaths
Lakes Como, Maggiore, Orta & Lugano - Walking Tour

The Italian Lakes Como, Maggiore, Orta & Lugano

We explore Italy's mountain trails, lakeside paths and flower-filled meadows
Bernese Oberland & Lake Lucerne - Walking Tour

Bernese Oberland and Lake Lucerne

Walking in Switzerland takes us literally to the top of the world, we visit the Eiger, Monch & Jungfrau Alps
Innsbruck, The Tyrolean Alps & The Land of Mozart - Walking Tour

Innsbruck, The Tyrolean Alps & The Land of Mozart

We explore Europe's most panoramic Alps, Mozart's music, tyrolean cooking and magnificent royal palaces
Germany - Bavaria - Walking in the Land of King Ludwig, Wagner and Strauss

Germany - Bavaria - Lakes, Mountains & Fairytale Castles

walking and hiking vacation discovering the alps of Bavaria and the land of King Ludwig and the music of Strauss and Wagner
Vienna to Prague - Walking Tour

Vienna to Prague

Winner of National Geographic Travelers 50 Best Tours of 2013, Journey through a land rich in folklore and tradition, discover the modern spirit in one of Europe's oldest countries
Czech Republic & Germany - Prague to Dresden

Czech Republic & Germany - Prague to Dresden

Walking vacation through Czech Switzerland and Saxony from Prague passing the River Elbe and ending in Dresden
The Dalmatian Coast - Walking Tour

The Dalmatian Coast

A bygone Mediterranean experience, we explore a beautiful country, discovering its delights along the way
Camino de Santiago - Walking Tour

Spain - Highlights of the Camino de Santiago

Follow the ancient pilgrim route across Galicia in the North of Spain - the Way of St James.
Julian Alps & Lake Bled - Walking Tour in Slovenia

Slovenia - Mountains, Lakes and unspoiled Rural Life

Explore one of Europe's most unspoilt landscapes, we take in mountains, Julian Alps, caves, lakes including Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj and flower filled meadows
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From the lush islands of Britain to the shores of the New World, The Wayfarers continue to create new paths for the walking enthusiasts. The unique Walks that began in 1984 in England now span Europe, the United States and New Zealand with invigorating itineraries, new destinations and distinctive ways of experiencing the special culture of life in the country. New walks include Pentillie Castle, The Dolomites, Sicily: Agrigento, Marsale & the Isle of Mozia.