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Walk Ratings

In response to guest feedback, we have change our Walk Rating system to a one-five whole number rating, allowing you to select the walk that best suits. Over the years we have found that regardless of all descriptions and facts we provide, Walk Rating is ultimately individual and subjective. We encourage you to contact us with any questions!

Each rating is based on a combination of type of terrain, distance, time & elevation gain. Guests can also choose to walk either in the morning or the afternoon or both. The support vehicle is close-by if you prefer to walk less or take a break.

We usually rest and replenish twice a day with refreshments from our van and we always enjoy a nice break for lunch. Each destination offers attractive non-walking activities as well, for example cycling from our Burgundy Barge Walk in France or paragliding in Switzerland. Most can be arranged locally by your Walk Leader or Manager and can be planned in advance through The Wayfarers’ office.

Get Fit for Your Trip

Walking is the most natural form of exercise and going on a walking vacation can be an inspiration to make positive healthy lifestyle choices. Anyone who is reasonably fit will benefit from and enjoy a walking vacation. But who has time to walk for hours each day? To ensure that you are in the best possible shape for your vacation, The Wayfarers has partnered with Fit for Trips to offer fitness programs crafted specifically for your walking itinerary. Consider replacing your current workout with one from the experts at Fit for Trips. Traveling with us means that you automatically receive an 10% discount when you purchase any Fit for Trips program.

Regardless of your fitness level, and whether you will train at the gym or at home, Fit for Trips’ easy to use step-by-step fitness programs will help you get the most out of the trip that you have booked. Fit for Trips' programs can give you self-assurance, boost your energy level, and help you physically prepare for your walking itinerary. Bring back great memories! Let Fit for Trips help. For more information, go to our Fit for Trips page.

Easy - 1

Easy/Moderate - 2

Moderate - 3

Moderate/Energtic - 4

Energetic - 5

Morning/Afternoon: 3-4m, 2-2½hrs

Daily: 6-8m, 4-5hrs
Mainly flat, several hills, easy incline, good footing

Morning/Afternoon: 4-5m, 2½-3hrs

Daily: 8-10m, 5-6hrs
Day provide a combination of easy and moderate terrains

Morning/Afternoon: 4-5m, 2½-3hrs

Daily: 8-12m, 5-6hrs
Moderate hills each day, variety of surfaces, no long difficult descents

Morning/Afternoon: 4-8m, 3-3½hrs

Daily: 8-16m, 5-6hrs
Days provide a combination of Moderate and Energetic Terrains

Morning/Afternoon: 5-8m, 3-3½hrs

Daily: 10-16m, 6-7hrs
Higher frequency of hills or steps each day, generally longer ascents and descents

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From the sceptred isles of Britain to the shores of the New World, The Wayfarers continue to blaze new trails. The unique Walks that began in 1984 in England now span Europe, the United States and New Zealand with fresh itineraries, new destinations and innovative ways of experiencing the special culture of country life. In the British Isles alone The Wayfarers walk in Pentillie Castle, Jane Austen Country, The Bronte Trail, Dartmoor and Exmoor, The Lake District, Northern Ireland, The Ring of Kerry just to mention a few of their walks.