Lucca to Siena ~ hit the Tuscan trail

Imagine following an ancient sunlit trail that runs through olive groves and vineyards, passing lovely soft-toned villas.

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Hiking a section of the Via Francigena, the Pilgrims’ Way, in some of Tuscany’s most glorious landscapes, we depart from Lucca and say farewell in Siena, two perfect cities. 

And like countless pilgrims over more than a thousand years, following the old tracks and pathways to or from Rome, we arrive at each new destination in awe of what we will see next.


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Why Wayfarers

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'Wayfaring', the ultimate in slow travel, means absorbing each destination up close, on foot and with friends.

On a Wayfarers' walking vacation you travel with a small group of like-minded people under the guidance of our renowned Walk Leaders. After 30 years in the travel business we believe that no other tour operator big or small has guides like ours. 

We offer superb value for money, everything is included, from meals and drinks to accommodation and guides.

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Our wonderful itineraries are unique to The Wayfarers. We develop all of our own trips personally and update them afresh every year. Even in well-visited areas, we offer inspired routes and local contacts that you won't find with any other tour company.

Walking with The Wayfarers brings direct benefit to the people who welcome us so warmly to their region. As the ultimate 'slow travelers' we believe that meeting and spending time with those who care for their heritage is good for everyone. Our support nurtures local economies and we gain greater insight into local culture. 

Find a walk When will you join The Wayfarers' circle of friends on our great adventure wandering the world?