'Wayfaring', the ultimate in slow travel, means absorbing each destination up close, on foot and with friends. With The Wayfarers you can literally walk away from the noisy highway of motorized travel and escape along a greener, fresher, more natural path.

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Nothing beats the simple rhythm of gentle walking and good fellowship in beautiful places. Time and time again we have seen our guests relax, unwind and enjoy the easy fellowship of the trail. Our aim is to give you the best walking vacation ever.

Our Vision

On a Wayfarers' walking vacation you travel with a small group of like-minded people under the guidance of our renowned Walk Leaders. After 30 years in the travel business, we believe that no other tour operator big or small has guides like ours.

Wayfarers' Walk Leaders all have personal connections with the area you'll be visiting. They know the real country and the ways of the people who live there. They are founts of knowledge, full of details about the history, culture and wildlife.

We take care to limit the sizes of our groups to a maximum of 16 people, with most groups averaging 10-12 people. With a ratio of at least two staff to every group you are assured of the highest levels of service and attention at all times.

We strive to exceed your expectations and make our trips even better every year. We stay in handpicked hotels and accommodations that combine comfort with character, adding to your overall experience of a destination.

Standing Out

Our wonderful itineraries are unique to The Wayfarers. We develop all of our own trips personally and update them afresh every year. Even in well-visited areas, we offer inspired routes and local contacts that you won't find with any other tour company.

Meals are equally select and distinctive; featuring delicacies prepared the traditional way by chefs who love their culinary heritage. There is ample opportunity to sample and share amazing local specialties. At the same time, we understand that guests may have dietary requirements and we ensure that everyone enjoys a menu tailored to their individual preferences.

We offer superb value for money and our guests say that our trips are worth every penny. Everything is included, from meals and drinks to accommodation and guides. We know our guests are discerning people who understand the quality of our Walks. In fact they often say they get far more than they paid for, after all, how do you put a price on friendship and lifelong great memories?

Wherever you walk with us, we want you to savor each step, because with The Wayfarers, the journey is the adventure.

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Discover The Wayfarers Experience on our Walking Vacations Destinations, providing a very different experience where true friendships are made on your walks

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Discover The Wayfarers Experience on our Walking Vacations Destinations, providing a very different experience where true friendships are made on your walks