Updated November 25, 2020

Wayfaring and COVID-19

Dear friends,

The safety and welfare of our guests and our team is our number one priority.

With that in mind we are putting in place some measures to minimize any risks while maintaining the essence of what makes a Wayfarers’ Walk special.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about walking with us in 2021 and beyond.

Special COVID-19 Measures during the Walk

We are limiting the number of people in the nine-seater van to six. That means the middle seat will always be empty. Passengers and the driver are required to wear a facial mask during the transfers.

The inside of the van as well as the door handles, door edges and other key surfaces such as seat buckles will be sanitized before each transfer, regardless the length of the trip. In general, on our Walks we aim to keep the use of the van to a minimum.

Using an infrared contactless thermometer, everyone's temperature will be measured at the start of each day (or on demand).

Procedures have been developed for the unlikely event that anyone appears infected.

Sanitizing liquids, facial masks and sanitized disposable gloves are readily available in the van and carried at all times by the guides.

Gloves and a facial mask will be used by the Walk Manager when handling food and drinks.

Also during the walks and meals, social distancing will be observed, taking into account the local rules and regulations.

The Wayfarers’ team is in contact with our local providers (hotels, restaurants, etc.) to ensure they operate according to the highest sanitary standards.

Naturally, we will make sure the social aspect of travelling together will not be ignored. We want our Walks to remain a cozy (yet safe) and personable experience.

Air Travel during COVID-19 Times

  • Don't travel if you've experienced symptoms of Covid-19 within the last 7 days or if you have a high temperature.
  • Check in online to avoid unnecessary contact at the airport.
  • Arrive 3 hours before long-haul flights and 2 hours before short flights.
  • Observe safe distance markers at the airport, the boarding gate and the baggage collection area. New boarding processes may be in place to minimize social contact.
  • Make use of the sanitizing stations which are placed in most airports.
  • Wear your face mask at all times in the airport and in the airplane. A mask lasts four hours, so bring enough for your journey.
  • Avoid touching in-flight magazines. Likely, these will have been removed.
  • Stay in your seat if possible, thereby minimizing movement around the cabin.
  • In the cabin, many airlines have begun to ensure the air is completely replaced every 2 to 3 minutes, passing through HEPA filters, which remove microscopic bacteria and virus clusters with over 99.9% efficiency, equivalent to hospital operating standards. Check with your airline to ensure this protocol will be followed on your flights.

Download 'Wayfaring and COVID-19' as a pdf.

Wayfarers FAQs on Covid-19


Question #1

Q: When will I know if a Walk will run?

A: Given the ever-changing conditions on the ground and in the air, we are trying to wait until the last possible moment to determine whether it is safe to run a Walk. This decision is considered on a case by case basis, about 45 days prior to departure.

At that time, we will reach out to the primary contact on each booking to discuss the walk status and any new information that might be available at that time. Options depending on the status of the Walk will be to make final payment or transfer all payments to a future Walk.

To find out the status of any walk at any time, contact [email protected] or call (800) 249-4620. For help with travel arrangements made by our office, call (800) 611-4763.

Question #2

Q: When is final payment due?

A: During this time of uncertainty, The Wayfarers has extended the final payment due date for each Walk, from 90 days prior to departure to 60 days prior to departure.

Question #3

Q: What is The Wayfarers’ policy for transferring a booking?

A: We are very appreciative of Friends who chose to transfer their booking to a future Walk in 2020 or 2021, rather than request a refund. As a thank you, we will guarantee that 100% of the amount you have paid will be applied to pay for a new booking, and that the price of a new booking for a future departure on the same Walk will not change, even if the published price goes up. In addition, as many Walks do fill up, we assure that transferred bookings receive preferential placement on the Walk of their choice.

Question #4

Q: Can I book a Walk?

A: YES! We welcome new reservations. Phone us at (800)249-4620 to get things rolling!

More questions? Contact us via email [email protected] or phone (800) 249-4620.