Hello! We areThe Wayfarers. We plan the Walks, run the trips, manage the website and social media, take the bookings and do all we can to give you the walking vacation of a lifetime. Hope to meet you soon!

The Wayfarers’ Walk Leaders all have personal connections with the area you’ll be visiting.

They know the real country and the ways of the people who live there. They are founts of knowledge, full of details about the history, culture and wildlife.

They know the best place to get traditional Sicilian ice cream in Siracusa and where to see golden plover on the Yorkshire moors beloved of James Herriot. They can identify Alpine herbs, tell you which rare liqueurs they flavor, and raise a glass with you in the evening as you rest and discuss the day’s walking.

While our Walk Leaders dedicate themselves to walking alongside you,our ever resourceful Walk Managers take care of all the logistics. They transport your luggage, meet you along the Walk with delicious picnics and appetizing snacks and go on ahead to ensure a welcoming reception at your hotel.

We take care to limit the sizes of our groups to a maximum of 16 people with most groups averaging 10-12 people. With a ratio of at least two staff to every group you are assured of the highest levels of service and attention at all times.

Caring, fun and charismatic, our Walk Leaders and Walk Managers are drawn from a huge variety of backgrounds. Over the years they have included retired colonels, farmers, ambassadors and academics.

Whatever their backgrounds, all our Walk staff share one thing in common: they will look after you superbly, entertain you and become your friend.

Don't take our word for it - here are some recent guest testimonials:

‘The Walk Leaders are excellent and always engaged with you. They’re very knowledgeable about the area; its history and culture. They do far more than get you from A to B.’

‘The guides are very well chosen and make connections we haven’t had with other companies.’

‘The Wayfarers hire the best people. It’s an extraordinary organization and I feel blessed to have found it.’