From the Beginning

An Exclusive Walking Club

The Wayfarers have come of age. The Walks that once led over the green spaces of Britain now span Europe, the U.S., New Zealand and South Africa. Where once we stayed in village pubs now we lay our heads in first-class country lodges.

stepping_stones.jpgExtending the Circle:
Our guests have grown to include a wide circle of friends – an exclusive walking “club” whose members return to discover new paths and forge new friendships. They share our vision of an inspiring vacation that provides an in-depth experience of a country and culture. In almost twenty-five years of expansion and innovation, that vision has never changed, nor has our commitment to excellence, to the environment, to our guests and friends.

A Passion for Walking

An Inspired Vacation for Body and Spirit

At The Wayfarers,we’re passionate about walking! Following ancient pathways, discovering a picture-perfect village, meeting new friends in the midst of dazzling natural beauty beneath a brilliant sky. This is a thrill no auto journey can provide.

walking_boots.jpgPerfect Planning:
Ours is a healthy vacation for body and spirit. New sights inspire and old cares are forgotten. Our walks are flawlessly planned but there is always time to follow your own path with additional activities arranged by our Walk Leaders and Managers. Relax, refresh, and reflect. The benefits of a week of walking will last long after the hiking boots are put away. In an age of globalization,we took the road less traveled and for The Wayfarers, It’s the Experience That Makes The Difference.

A Small Company, A Great Reputation

A Commitment to Quality

Since 1984, The Wayfarers remains a small company with a powerful vision – to help our guests see the world and to become part of it. Our itineraries are inspired, perfectly planned to showcase the wonders of the Grand Canyon or Hadrian’s Wall, and the smaller, special gems that give our friends a true sense of place.

onsite_picnic.jpgFounders Hands On:
Our growth is as carefully managed as our Walks. Our founders are deeply involved, and we partner with businesses that share our commitment to excellence. That dedication has won us awards and accolades but most important, it has won us a loyal following of Old Friends who return to The Wayfarers year after year. Please join Founders Michael West and Christopher Hague on the 8th Annual Founders’ Walk in Italy's Venice and the Veneto on either May 30-June 5 or September 5-11, 2010.

All-Inclusive Walks

Hotels, Meals, and Much More

Everything that makes a Wayfarers Walk so memorable is included in the price. We stay at fine hotels noted for their ambiance and amenities. Meals – from lavish breakfasts to casual picnics and princely feasts – feature the fresh and natural fare of each country. The services of our skilled Walk Leaders and Managers are also part of the all-inclusive program – a truly priceless commodity!

local_meals.jpgIndulge Yourself:
Creature comforts combine with creative rewards – stunning scenery, a singular history, a window opened wide on a country’s culture. Visits to museums, wineries, stately homes and gardens are all part of the price. So is transportation on ferries, trains, cable cars and our own private van. Best of all, the friendships made on a Wayfarers Walk are free.