Wayfaring Friends

The Company We Keep

Along the trail, at dinner, enjoying a wine tasting or a visit to a country manor – our wayfaring friends are great company. Well traveled and educated, they are eager to explore and experience the world - not drive through it. They share a love of nature, an adventurous outlook, and a convivial, welcoming spirit. Single travelers are especially welcome and will find congenial companions.

making_friends.jpgTime and again our friends return:
Our Old Friends return year after year, to explore another corner of the world with us. To help us grow and prosper, we depend on the loyalty and goodwill of our Old Friends - and none more so than the several hundred members of our Founders’ Circle, who have walked with us on at least six trips. Many of them have taken us up on our Bakers’ Dozen Challenge – to enjoy their thirteenth Walk as our guest, free of charge!

Staying with Friends

Wining, Dining, and the Inn Place to Be

As a small, independent company ourselves, we avoid the hotel chains in favor of locally-owned inns. Gracious English manor houses, Tuscan villas, French châteaux, medieval inns, and rustic lodges in the American West, all chosen for their location and the warmth of their welcome.

staying_with_friends.jpgA taste of the Nations:
We dine at these fine inns or at local restaurants where the cuisine reflects the best of the region and we sample many outstanding local wines at dinner. Friendly innkeepers, chefs, and restaurateurs welcome The Wayfarers, sharing their knowledge and pride in their cuisine and culture. We are currently offering, on the Provence Walk, the opportunity to dine in the eponymous Restaurant Edouard Loubet at the Hotel La Bastide de Capelongue, to enjoy the best of Provençal cuisine.

Along Our Path

An Insider’s View from Our Friends

Informative, inspiring, the friends we meet on our Walks offer an insider’s view of local life and lore. For nearly twenty-six years, The Wayfarers have formed friendships with artists, musicians, artisans, naturalists, foresters, vintners and farmers. All are eager to share their skills and talents, many handed down over centuries.

along_path.jpgMeet the locals:
Watch a shepherd manage his dogs or perfumer pick choice Provençal lavender. Sample an artisanal cheese. Listen to the sounds of music and the tap of dancing feet from alpine hills to Scottish glens. Find a hand-loomed scarf or a perfect piece of pottery – made by friends of The Wayfarers.

Friends of the Environment

Supporting Responsible Tourism

Our dedication to environmental preservation has been a top priority, and what we do today will impact our surroundings for many years more. A Wayfarers Walk brings our guests closer to the unique natural environment of each destination encouraging a global perspective on preserving our worldwide resources.