June 8th 2012

photos by Jean Follet and Michael West
Quotes From the Trail 
The walk leader introduced us to so many local people whose knowledge brought the Yorkshire landscape to life--people who raise sheep, train dogs to herd them, protect local rivers, and mind the welfare of stable boys in the racehorse training industry, and who preserved Yorkshire history by replicating an ancient design for a barn by hand and restoring a derelict estate garden, 1940's-era busses, and a 19th century sawmill.It's such a long list but that was the beauty of it!  And that's not even everyone.  It really was amazing.  Then when you add in the serendipitous encounters with locals like the cops who put Michael in the stocks, well, hey, who could ask for more. This was a point and shoot walk - every picture a winner! ~ Alice Dunlap-Kraft
Aside from the glorious countryside, you are in Alan and Bill’s backyard so it really feels like you are walking in their footsteps—following them in and out of wonderful pubs, listening to the stories of the various people you meet on the way and working together to shoo the sheep and the cows out from in front of the stile. This was a great walk for feeling the deep history and enjoying the views. ..
The unexpected or the things that happen near the end of the day are often the very best. 
~ Jean Follet A Yorkshire Dales Impression by Christopher Hague, Founder The new Wayfarers Yorkshire Walk designed and lead by Alan Pinkney incorporates every necessary ingredient to produce an outstanding experience. Farmsteads, villages, wooded valleys and fast running rivers. There are endless views of the wild side of remote England - castles with stories of warring families, fishermen to talk to and a violin playing landlord to listen to. Pastures dotted with stone barns and countless miles of magnificent stone walls stretching from river bank to high flat top mountains. Bring an umbrella.

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