April 29th 2009

We have been written about again – we love this time of year because we get such lovely exposure from so many unexpected sources and it brightens up our day as we finalise our plans and walk itineraries for everyone. If you are thinking of a walking vacation to stretch those legs this year – please do have a read of this article, (it was actually written by William Ecenbarger for The Inquirer – but no need for us to boast). We’d also like to take this opportunity to answer the Philly.com’s questions for you, right here (but remember you can ask your own questions on our FAQ’s section listed on for walk we offer):
  • How many people do you usually have on a trip? We allow a maximum of 16 people but always aim for 10-12 people as this is an optimum number to make the group enjoyable and enlightening.
  • I'm traveling solo - will I be out of place? "Absolutely not," we welcome solo travelers and have a range of options to suit, walking is one of the best activities for making friends and socialising, all are welcome.
  • Who is leading my trip? This is simply where 25 years in the business comes into play – we have worked with many of our walk leaders for well over 20 years, all have insight, knowledge and a background within the selected destinations they walk. A Wayfarers Walk is an educational yet relaxed voyage of discovery.
  • What kind of support is provided while walking? We tick all the boxes here, a walk leader accompanies you all the way, there is a support van and a walk manager to handle all logistics as well as other activities available, it doesn’t have to all be walking. But you should rest assured that your luggage, meals and rooms are all taken care of. On sunny days you may experience a Wayfarers Picnic.
  • Where will we stay? What will we eat? All our Hotels and Lodges are of the highest standard available often that means 5 star. But hotels and meals are more than just about 5 stars and The Wayfarers put emphasis on local dishes and traditional lodges and try to offer a genuine feel for the country you are in. At least once or more often we invite local people to join us at mealtimes to give local knowledge and background on the places we visit. Obviously we can cater for all appetites and requirements – just ask us and we’ll make the arrangements.
  • How do I get to the starting point? When you book a walking vacation with The Wayfarers we’ll send you a full info pack containing all the details you need to get to the start point (these will also be available on the website). We can book flights for you and let you know times and airline information, we’ll then meet you at the airport or pre designated meeting point and from that point on rest assured everything is taken care of.
  • What exactly is included in the cost? You need to look at our website for an in depth list of what is included, basically everything, you will not need to spend a dime unless you spot that antique in the local market or you are suddenly taken by a local artist. To be honest the only thing we recommend is a small tip for your walk leader and manager – after all they are the one who do all the work.
Please if you would like to find out more about us, our website or any of the walks we provide leave a comment on this blog or contact us directly.

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