August 6th 2014

Anywhere that's on the list of 'The Last Great Places' has to be a magnet for The Wayfarers.
So no surprises that beautiful Block Island, just across the Sound from Newport, Rhode Island, was the destination for a special Wayfarers reunion and taster day. The team from our Rhode Island base joined old friends and new for a day that started with a tour of the Seaman's Church Institute in Newport. Then it was on the ferry to the island, which is protected by The Nature Conservancy. Almost half is a nature preserve, sheltering endangered fauna and flora. The morning saw a hike accompanied by birdsong to Rodman's Hollow on the south of the island through fields and woods. At lunch at the Spring House Hotel a volunteer from the Nature Conservancy gave a talk about the ongoing work to preserve the habitat and beauty of Block Island for future generations. In the afternoon the trail led to the Clay Head Preserve, a haven for bird life.
It ended on the glorious beach - with the chance to remove the hiking boots and cool off! The Wayfarers made donations to the Seaman's Church Institute and Block Island Nature Conservancy. To keep up to date with The Wayfarers' news, like The Wayfarers Walking Vacations on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @wayfarers or @wayfarerswalks on Instagram or of course, check out the website

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