August 7th 2020

Chilean Patagonia

Torres del Paine mountain stream

We’re delighted to be able to tell you about another new Walk for 2021 – and this is going to be spectacular!

We’re heading to Patagonian Chile. The Torres del Paine National Park, boasts some of the finest trekking routes in the world: its waterfalls, glaciers and lakes, set against the backdrop of the famous granite towers, will remain etched in your memory forever.

At every turn in the trail, prepare to be amazed by the sheer variety of the landscape. And we have we found somewhere truly wonderful – and unique - to stay. Read about the Walk below to find out more!

And of course, for a truly unforgettable experience, why not combine seven nights in Chile with our very popular Walk in Argentina. Across the Andes, we see yet another aspect of Patagonia – equally beautiful and equally distinctive.

Do contact us if you have any queries at all about these two big-sky bucket listers. We have many add-on possibilities for experiencing more of Chile, Argentina, and Patagonia.

Stretching a staggering 2,700 miles from north to south, but just 109 miles wide, Chile is a true land of contrasts.

These range from the world's driest desert, the Atacama, in the north, through a

Mediterranean climate in the center, to our destination, the glaciers, fjords and lakes of western Patagonia.

Patagonia Camp view

Chile - Foothills of the Andes

Here in the south stand the towering granite peaks of Torres del Paine National Park and a coastline scattered with a thousand sounds and inlets as far as the windswept island of Tierra del Fuego.

Base de Las Torres

High mountains, majestic glaciers, turquoise lakes and native forests make for spectacular and varied walking territory.

The Andes mountain range splits South America in two and this far south the blade-sharp peaks reach some 10,000 feet into the clear skies. Ridges, crags, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, and lagoons offer one breathtaking view after another!

View from Puerto Natales

Highlights of our new Walk include:

  • A day of exploring fun: hiking and horseback riding on a remote estancia, reached by a voyage on a small yacht traveling through the Senoret Channel with great views of the vibrant city of Puerto Natales.
  • A hike to the top of the Cerro Benitez ridge where giant Andean condors nest and where we can marvel at the vast landscape of fjords and lakes in front of us.
    Andean condor
  • Walk along the route of the Pingo River to see the icy blue of the glacial Playa Grey. On the way we’ll likely see guanacos and horses grazing and discover a densely forested world of vibrant birdlife, flowers and vegetation.
  • A chance to challenge ourselves with a hike to the Base de Las Torres – where our reward will be close-up views of the famous towers of rock. For something more moderate, how about a walk taking in incredible 4,000-year-old cave paintings created by the Tehuelche nomads?
    Guanacos Chile Patagonia
  • The path to the Salto Grande waterfall and its turquoise lakes below also leads us to the mythical sight of the Paine Horns, stunning rock formations carved by glaciers over the centuries.
  • We’ll end our idyll with an exclusive excursion to the Paine Massif Lookout for a bird’s eye view of the mountains and the Grey Glacier, one of Torres del Paine's most spectacular sights, part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, 100 metres high at its peak.
    Salto Grande waterfall

Hotel The Singular Patagonia

After our long flights we are in for a treat as we begin our trip at The Singular Hotel Patagonia. A luxurious two nights in an historic setting near Puerto Bories, with views of the Last Hope Sound.

Then, a very special experience: Patagonia Camp, where we spend the remainder of our time in Chile is a unique hotel offering guests a true experience of nature in an unspoiled environment.

Right inside the National Park, we’ll be staying in luxury yurts, combining the magical feeling of being under canvas, hearing the wind and the great outdoors, but completely warm and comfortable!

The yurts are richly decorated with woven fabrics and local, handcrafted furniture. There are skylights so that you can fall asleep with the stars and wake up with the sunrise. Don’t worry: there’s central heating, an ensuite bathroom and a private terrace too!

Imagine… a warm bath after our day’s activities and taking a glass of excellent Chilean wine to our balcony, waiting for the sunset to blend the colours between clouds, mountains and the lake.

Patagonia Camp Chile

Chile - Foothils fo the Andes

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Walk Level 3

February 20-27 2021

February 11-18 2022

Argentina Patagonia walkers

Argentina – another side to Patagonia

Our Walk in Argentinian Patagonia has long been a Wayfarers’ favorite and it sits perfectly alongside our new Walk in Chile.

For lovers of unspoiled remote nature, this is our wilderness at the edge of the world Walk.

Argentina - flamingo

So many highlights!

  • Los Glaciares National Park, hiking part of the Fitz Roy trail and seeing incredible Mount Fitz Roy.
  • A traditional “asado” barbecue and a day’s hike to the extraordinary Blue Lagoon.
    Patagonia Perito Moreno glacier cruise
  • We cruise by boat to the foot of Perito Moreno Glacier, where chunks of ice regularly "calve" from the main ice sheet and thunder into the water.
  • Visit an original pioneer ranch, and maybe take a horseback ride over the estancia to see a rich array of wildlife from flamingos to guanacos.
    Patagonia West Helsingfors horseback riding
  • Three nights are spent at a remote but oh, so comfortable, hotel in the Anita Valley, where we can walk directly from the hotel out into the wilderness.
    Eolo Lodge

Argentina – Patagonia

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Walk Level 4

February 4-12 2021

February 3-11 2022

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