January 2nd 2012

Words by Marina Grego, Pictures by Various Wayfarers!

I love the Cinque Terre Walk for many reasons.

First of all, the area where we walk streches along the Mediterranean Sea.

The landscape is beautiful and the vegetation too.

The brooms and the jasmine bloom in Springtime.

The Autum the leaves colors give a gold shade everywhere.

The fishermans villages are picturesque : every house has a different color,

so it is possible to recognize it from a far distance in the sea.

All in the palette of red , orange , jellow , rusty ...

The food is special and delicious. The cuisine is based on the local products:

the anchovies ( marinated with herbs ) , the pine nuts , the "borragine " ( a green vegetable like chard but more delicate ), the octopus with potatoes , the olive oil and the "limoncello "

( lemon liquer ) ....simplicity and creativity.

I could go on with memories , dreaming.

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