July 5th 2011

Fitness and Walk Ratings are two subjects that come up frequently at the offices of The Wayfarers and we'd like to hear your feedback on them...
  • Fitness Levels: we actually have our own Steph, European Accounts Manager, going on the Coast to Coast walk in September and she's started her training, not because she's unfit, but because she wants to enjoy the walk to its maximum. Later this week, we will be posting the first in our series following Steph's progress to prepare.
We'd like to hear more about what you do to get fit for one of our walks. Do you know bout the Fit forTrips program, are we doing enough to prepare you, do you think you're fit enough?
  • Walk Rating System: We can give many facts and figures about our Walks, but we have found over the years that gauging the physical challenge of each Walk is subjective. We rate our Walks in relation to each other, based on distance and terrain and feedback from the field.
  • After many years of using a 1-3 rating system, this year we decided, based on consistent feedback from Walk Leaders, Managers and guests, to change to a 1-5 rated system for the sake of clarity and greater precision. The Coast to Coast is one of the most vigorous Walks we operate and it is also a firm favorite with our guests. Although we have given it a rating of 5 on the new Walk Rating System, it isn't any more difficult than it was in previous years.Have we done enough to explain our new Walk Rating System? Do you think you can manage a Level 5 walk like the Coast to Coast or would you find a Level 1 walk too easy?
We depend on the feedback we get from Walk Alumni - our Wayfaring Friends (Walk Alumni) and Prospective Friends. We look forward to hearing from you!

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