August 1st 2011

Pictures by Dave Robertson Editor's Note: Dave and Marilyn Robertson recently returned from the Coast to Coast Walk in England - a trip they arranged to mark their thirty years' wedding anniversary. Thank you, Dave and Marilyn, for sharing your walk experiences and your photos! She said.... by Marilyn Robertson The Wayfarer’s call the Coast to Coast Walk a 'trip of a lifetime.' I call it a dream come true. Six days of walking through 'dingly dales' and lovely pastures, seven charming, quintessentially English hotels and delicious food four times a day! What could be better? I love the magical moments the The Wayfarer’s include in each trip. One such moment was standing overlooking Lake Windemere, listening to Alan read poems from Wordsworth, whose house we had just visited. Others included my first bite of Wensleydale cheese; watching Alan stare down a bull so we could all cross the pasture safely; seeing a steam engine puffing through the countryside, as we stood high on the hill we had just climbed; seeing Bill and Geraldine emerge over a stone wall and knowing our bountiful and well-deserved, snack was not far off. But my favorite moment by far, was crossing the moor in silence to better appreciate the utter stillness. It was truly a spiritual moment for me and I will carry the memory with me to remember when life gets crazy. Alan, Bill and Geraldine, our walk leader and managers were wonderful hosts who provided insight, assistance and fun during our walk. Our group was very special for me as we were joined by a friend from our last Wayfarer’s walk. This trip gave us the opportunity to become even closer. Of course, new friends were also made with other walkers on our second trip, as we shared stories and compared blisters. I have been waiting to take this walk since my last trip with The Wayfarers to Scotland, four years ago. I don’t plan to wait four more years for my next trip! Let’s see, should it be Slovenia or the Ring of Kerry or…. He Dave Robertson When I was in high school and in college, I was very fortunate to be able to travel around the world. From camping out in the country side in Great Britain while in high school, to taking tours with my parents throughout Europe, to living in Italy for a year, I was able to experience numerous different ways to travel abroad. For our 25th wedding anniversary, my wife Marilyn suggested that we take a Wayfarers Walking tour. Perhaps to appease me and to make the likelihood of taking the trip more possible, Marilyn suggested that we take the Loch Lomand, Scotland Western Isles tour with the Wayfarers since my heritage is Scottish and Welsh. Of course, I agreed. Marilyn took care of all of the details, and ultimately, off we went. For our 30th wedding anniversary, we have just taken the Wayfarers' England Coast to Coast walking tour. The reason I mention my traveling experiences above is to state that the Wayfarers tours provide you with an experience that you cannot duplicate by creating your own trip, or by taking standard major city tours. The Wayfarer's tour guides and managers are wonderful people who will bend over backwards to make sure that your experience is perfectly suited for you. They know everything about everything on your tour; from the historical significance of the region, to the types of flowers that you see along your walk. They take you through fields, hills, and dales that you would never see but for their walking tours. The Wayfarers guides also create special moments that are unique to their walking tours. Whether it be walking quietly through the Yorkshire dales so as not to disturb the grouse that will soon be hunted by English royalty, or ending a tour at a local pub that serves the best beer in the region, the Wayfarers will make sure that you maximize your experience. As to travel arrangements, The Wayfarers Travel Agency in the US office will make sure that your airfare and/or train travel and/or bus travel is perfectly planned for you. And ultimately, the walks are so spectacular that you will end up with memories that will stay with you forever. I hope that the photographs that I have taken will give you a better understanding of the beauty that you will experience on a Wayfarer's tour. Marilyn and I are now planning our next Wayfarer's tour. We can't wait.

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