April 10th 2019

Thank you, Alfred Wainwright for having the brilliant idea, the best part of 50 years ago, of stitching together two coasts, three National Parks and hundreds of miles of footpath to make the ultimate long-distance walk in England.

Our well-loved Coast to Coast Walk takes that idea and makes it just that much more doable.

It provides the perfect snapshot of the north country and some of the nation's most picturesque villages, lakes, mountains and moors.

Yes, it's a challenge; it's one of our handful of Level 5 Walks. Day to day mileage is respectable and there are one or two brisk hills, but nothing that a reasonably fit walker won't enjoy.

And for anyone who wants to sit out a stage; that's fine too. Our Walk Manager is always happy to chauffeur tired feet to the next stop!

If you want to experience England at her dramatic best and feel you have achieved a lot in just one week, do join us. It's a Wayfarers' classic.

Coast to Coast Walks with The Wayfarers

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