May 8th 2014

For half a century the Czech Republic remained shrouded in secrecy behind the Iron Curtain as this beautiful land and its people were cut off from the West. Now that the veil has lifted, the Republic is one of Europe’s most cultured and historic places to visit. Ironically, the years spent stagnating behind the Iron Curtain preserved vast rural areas as they were before modern farming methods. Development stalled and life in rural areas carried on much as it had done in centuries before. In the Sumava National Park we hike through an almost deserted wilderness of meadows and forests, brimming with natural life. This rich and fertile land produces an abundance of local food and drink, made with pride in the traditional manner. We sample Czech beer, which is reputed to be the best in Europe, and try a Moravian wine tasting in an area famed for its vintages. There’s so much to see and experience that we couldn’t fit everything into one Walk. So we have two – our award-winning Vienna to Prague Walk, one of National Geographic Traveler’s 50 Tours of a Lifetime, and the Prague to Dresden Walk. The two Walks run back-to-back so you have the option of taking both on our Crossroads of Europe Tour. Book both Walks together and save $850 per person on the main list price (based on double occupancy). See our website for details or give Judy Allpress a ring in our Newport office on 1-800-249-4620.

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