June 25th 2014

Prague - the Czech republic's vibrant capital of a hundred spires - has had a reputation over centuries as one of Europe's most beguiling cities. From beautiful Renaissance gardens to mysterious Gothic monasteries and Baroque cathedrals more than a thousand years of architecture stands witness to a proud and complex history. So where better to form the keystone of our Crossroads of Europe Tour - two back-to-back Walks taking in three European capitals. The award-winning Vienna to Prague Walk and the Prague to Dresden Walk offer Wayfarers a unique and fascinating insight into an unspoiled region. Vienna's refined elegance contrasts with Prague as a beautiful and buzzing capital whilst Dresden, once called 'Venice on the Elbe', offers outstanding art collections and music. Leaving the Austrian capital of Vienna, hike through pine forests, traditional villages and wildflower meadows. Sample the Czech specialty - carp - washed down with local wines and beers - on the way to unspoiled Renaissance towns including Mikulov, Telc, Slavonice and UNESCO Heritage Site Cesky Krumlov. A visit to Prague, the Walks' mid-point isn't complete without exploring the old town and seeing the city's famous astronomical clock. Then it's on towards Dresden, capital of German Saxony, just the far side of the Czech border. Traditional villages line our route to Prebischtor, the longest natural stone bridge in Europe. Deep and lovely gorges are passable only by boat, skippered by a local boatman. The stunning sandstone rocks and towers of Czech and German "Switzerland" inspired Romantics including Goethe, Hans Christian Andersen, CD Friedrich and Wagner. A cruise on the River Elbe means journey's end is near, with a day spent in Dresden, once dubbed the 'Jewel Box' for its architectural riches. Book the whole journey from Vienna to Prague and Prague to Dresden, for a very special price for two very special Walks.

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