January 3rd 2012

Link The New Year dawns! What better time to decide where to go this year (metaphorically and in reality) and how to get there. At The Wayfarers we believe in taking your vacation one step at a time and here are five good reasons to do so: 1. Walking is the oldest form of human travel and making a journey on foot connects us to our past and allows us to deeply absorb the 'where' of 'where we are'. 2. Walking is good for you. Plenty of scientific studies exist to prove what your body already tells you when you take a good walk! Walking energizes the body and spirit by improving calorie burn, self-confidence and a sense of well-being. If getting in better shape is one of your New Year's Resolutions, then the incentive of taking a walking vacation later in the year gives a good reason to make fitness a priority! Many Wayfarers travelers say that a walking vacation also provides a boost to stay fit on returning home. 3. Walking is good for the environment. Traveling ancient routes not accessible by car and visiting old villages, historic monuments and World Heritage sites on foot - all minimises your impact on the destination and maximises the chance of authenticity. 4. Walking is social. Ambling along a path allows for talking and comfortable silences in equal measure. A walking vacation group soon becomes a small band of friends; couples, families and singles mingle with ease. 5. Walking is pleasurable. The physical act of placing one foot in front of the other repeatedly is soothing and meditative. You get a rhythm going and the stress of everyday life dissipates. We invite you to join us on the trail in 2012!

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