October 19th 2016

France is a land for all seasons – but perhaps Spring most of all!

According to legend, once the three days of the Ice Saints – Les Saints de Glace – are over in mid-May, it’s is reckoned that the weather changes and summer is not far away. So what makes our early season Walks in France so special?

Walking through France with The Wayfarers

Provence – fragrance, flavor and fine dining.

In spring the south of France sleepily emerges from winter hibernation and the days are already balmy with a real promise of summer, without the blistering heat of July and August. Certainly, there will be meals and drinks outside and and that light so beloved of artists bathes the landscape. We walk amid flowers, herbs and fragrances. The garrigue (moor or scrubland) along the coast is rich with the scents of rosemary, wild thyme and Mediterranean pine, and all over Provence the hills will be covered with creamy drifts of almond blossom.

Walking in Alsace in France with The Wayfarers

Alsace – flower-filled villages and distinctive cuisine.

The return of the fine weather offers the perfect excuse to sit and enjoy a glass of the year's new 'spring' or 'March' beer with its fruity springtime flavors. Don’t forget the famous Alsatian sausage and a big, soft pretzel to go with it! Alsace boasts some of France’s prettiest, flower-filled, villages and hiking by sparkling lakes in the Vosges mountains is a wonderful way to experience Spring.

Burgundy Walking Vacations in France with The Wayfarers

Burgundy – Magnificent châteaux and world famous wine cellars

The gentle sun bathes the rapidly greening vineyards and Spring in Burgundy is just beautiful. It is the perfect time to breathe in the fresh air and perhaps take tea on the wonderful terrace of a private mansion, or taste wines in some of the world’s greatest cellars. When the first rays of spring sunshine appear, the cities of Burgundy come to life. The parks begin to fill with people and the fountains play. Of course we will head for capital of wine: Beaune with its famous old Hospices and traditional market.

Walking in Normandy in France with The Wayfarers

Brittany and Normandy – a tapestry of rural France and coast

ing sees acre upon acre of rolling apple orchards in bloom – and we taste previous harvests in the local ciders and Calvados, the fruity apple brandy, to wash down a delicious crêpe pancake. Wildflowers coat the trailside, meadows and woodland and the sea is never far away. Mont St Michel stands proud and unchanging in the light reflected off the sea. We pause to remember the not-so long ago battles on the beaches in World War 2 – and see the extraordinary Bayeux tapestry which tells the tale of another battle the Normans' conquest of England, almost 900 years earlier.

The Pays Basque – on the cusp of France and Spain

Early summer on the Basque coast is the ideal time for exploring the Montagne de la Rhune, the Basque Country’s iconic summit that rises to a height of 3,000 feet. On the way, back, see the 'pottoks', small wild horses typical of the Basque Country, which live in semi-freedom on the Rhune massif. With the fine weather, activities and entertainment invade the village squares and streets. It’s the time for village festivals, and there’s a good chance of seeing the locals playing their terrifying national sport, pelota, or dancing the traditional folk dances. For more information on all our Walks in France, visit our

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