July 7th 2011

Steph in the office and on the trail in Ireland last year. Next stop - Coast to Coast in England!
Our Wayfarers' UK Office staffer, Steph Crabb, works hard all year long keeping our accounts straight in the Operations Office. This September 3, she is thrilled to be joining our Coast to Coast Walk. Steph leads a busy life and doesn't have time to walk hours each day to get ready for her cross country hike with The Wayfarers. She would like to improve her overall fitness as part of her preparation for the trip so she can spend the her walk enjoying the scenery and getting the most out of every mile. Steph will be following a Fit for Trips online fitness program for the next 8 weeks to help her prepare for the Walk. In this new series, we will check in with Steph to see her progress as she prepares for her Walk and catch up with her on the trail in September! We talked to Steph to find out a little bit more about her plans for the trip and fitness goals. The Wayfarers: Steph, what are you most looking forward to on the Coast to Coast Walk? Steph Crabb: It was one of the first Walks that caught my eye when I joined the company five years ago.The whole adventure that I will experience from Grange over Sands across three National Parks ending in Whitby looks very exciting. I walked in Ireland - Ring of Kerry - last year and two of the guests on that trip, Barbara and Brian, absolutely raved about the Coast to Coast Walk. TW: So you chose to Walk in Ireland last year, not picking the Coast to Coast trip? Why was that? Were you intimidated by the challenge of the Coast to Coast Walk? Steph: Yes! I thought Ireland would be a good start for me. I had never done this sort of trip before. And also, for a long time I have wanted to visit Southern Ireland. The scenery was breathtaking. The Irish hospitality and food - wonderful! Alan and Geraldine (Walk Leader and Manager) gave such a insightful history in each area we covered. TW: Do you feel you are a fairly fit person? Steph: I'm constantly busy, but I definitely need to put more exercise into my routine and planning for the Coast to Coast Walk is giving me the motivation to do this in preparation. TW: Have you signed up for your Fit for Trips online program? Steph: Yes - it was very straight forward. Marcus made me feel welcome and is preparing my fitness plan. In the meantime I'm walking several times a week at home in the evenings with my husband and gradually building up my stamina. TW: Thank you very much, Steph! We'll catch up with you again in a few weeks to see how you are enjoying your Fit for Trips training for the Coast to Coast Walk! ************************** LinkFit for Trips 8 week custom fitness programs - come free with all of our 4 and 5 rated Walks in 2011. (a $169 value) We have a few spaces left on our Coast to Coast Walk - September 3 - if you would like to join Steph on the trail!

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