August 26th 2011

Steph Crabb, Wayfarers Office Staffer, has been busy preparing for her Coast to Coast Walk next month. The Walk is rated 5 and covers up to 15 miles per day on sometimes hilly terrain on foot. Steph wasn't unfit to begin with, but felt that some additional fitness training ahead of her Walk would help her get the maximum enjoyment out of her Walk experience. We asked Steph to fill us in on how she has been progressing with her custom Fit for Trips program. The Wayfarers : So, Steph, what have you been doing these past weeks to prepare for your Walk? Steph Crabb: I started with three walks per week of between three and four miles. I gradually increased this with an additional five to six mile walk at the weekend. Now I am walking eight to 10 miles at the weekend. I've also borrowed a friend's running machine to use in case of really wet weather! TW: How has your Fit for Trips program factored in to your preparation? Steph: Marcus of Fit for Trips advised a routine to include carrying a backpack with some weight to increase my stamina over the same mileage. Marcus advised the initial walk schedule and exercises. TW: Have you noticed a difference in how you are feeling overall? Steph: Yes, my fitness has definitely improved and my weight has dropped. After a short time of following the program I was already feeling more energized. TW: Have you been doing any other specific exercises? Steph: I do some warm-up and cool-down stretches as recommended in the program and I make sure my walks cover a varied terrain. I am fortunate to live in an area that offers a lot of varied walking, but if I hadn't the program gives many suggested exercises to mimic the demands of a varied terrain. The length of time it takes me to walk the same distances is improving all the time. TW: Are there any other benefits you've noticed? Steph: In additon to having slimmer waistline?! I've been feeling more energized. I've been getting up early to walk and my sister has been joining me which has been a bonus! We've both enjoyed the early morning walking and talking. It is such a nice time of day! My husband and I have been walking together at weekends, covering longer distances each time. We have been finding new trails in our area that we would have never explored without the incentive of this program. TW: Would you recommend this type of program for others? Steph: Yes, definitely! I'm feeling more confident and I am determined to continue my routine when I return from my Walk. Not only has the fitness training improved my personal confidence, I'm not worrying each day's walking on my upcoming Coast to Coast walk. I'm looking forward to it with a great deal of excitement and anticipation! TW: Thanks Steph - we look forward to catching up with you on the trail in a few weeks!

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