May 18th 2016

Our back-to-back Walks are the perfect way to really immerse yourself in a special place, but have you thought of hiking in two different countries? Four of our Wayfarers did just that this spring and experienced the delights of hiking Italy’s Puglia region before heading over to Portugal to take part in our test Walk on the Algarve coast. Worried about the travel planning? Our Travel Desk can take care of all the connections – and for anyone taking two of our Walks back-to-back, we’ll treat you to the accommodation for the night in between. B2B Jan Dan Louise Portugal with The Wayfarers

Hiking back-to-back works for us

We asked Dan, Jan and Marilyn why back-to-backing works for them. Jan Hoyt and Dan Folliard from Oregon were clear: doing a back-to-back fits into a working person’s vacation schedule and it makes great financial sense too. 'From a financial position, a person only pays once for the plane fare over and back, which is a huge saving. 'Not only that, we had the chance to meet two sets of fellow Wayfarers walkers. 'Sometimes people from the first Walk continue on, giving us more time to get to know 'old Friends'. Louise and Marilyn were absolutely delightful walking companions and we think some very real friendships have been initiated. 'Wendy Houle on the Travel Desk and the Newport team were wonderful at providing travel connections from Bari, Italy to Faro, Portugal. We even comfortably made the hour connection through Gatwick with our luggage! 'Last but not least, The Wayfarers’ custom of providing a complimentary night 'on them' is much appreciated and makes the transit process smoother.' Along the Coast of Ireland with The Wayfarers

A refreshing break

For Marilyn Wagner, from Texas, the longer break is a welcome respite from busy day-to-day life. 'As a working professional, I find the extended time of back-to-back Walks as a refreshing break from a frequently too-busy life. The two weeks are spent in peaceful and beautiful settings, allowing me to deeply engage with other cultures and settings. 'Wendy Houle is a treasure. She takes care to keep my personal tastes in mind as she plans the most direct routes from one country to another. "Since I take these trips to relax, I have neither the time nor desire to plot elaborate travel schedules. I just want to get where I am going so The Wayfarers can take over and provide great experiences with little need for me to worry about details of planes, trains, taxis, and ferries. She also is expert in planning the most cost-effective travel. 'I recommend these 'double vacations' that encourage relaxation, deep immersion in magical areas and the cost effectiveness of one international airfare. The free hotel night in between trips also is a great financial incentive. 'Other benefits of back-to-back trips are the fascinating people one meets on The Wayfarer walks. Others have discovered the benefits of two trips, and I have been lucky to travel on double trips with some of the most interesting and good-humored people I have ever met. In two weeks, people definitely bond and form friendships that are such fun.' See to plan your back-to-back Walks.

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