February 24th 2015

Go on – let your hair down and go 'nuts in May’! It’s the month of merrymaking and morris dancing and we have the ideal way to spend it. Experience the ancient traditions and folklore of England over two weeks on a pair of enthralling ‘back-to-back’ Walks across three of its finest counties, Yorkshire, Northumberland and Cumbria. Walk Leader Alan Pinkney tells us what’s in store: ‘Setting off in the pastoral Dales of Yorkshire, we follow in the footsteps of All Creatures Great and Small author and local vet James Herriot. Decide whether King Richard III, still a headline -maker, was hero or villain, when we visit his northern kingdom and castle. See the paintings of the eccentric JMW Turner come alive and, of course, taste the unique flavour of Wallace & Gromit’s famous Wensleydale cheese in its market town of origin. Along the way, we also sample fine Yorkshire beer in a 500-year-old thatched alehouse. That might well put us in the mood for joining in with the Mad May Morris dancers! Then how about a spin through the country lanes with our very own Toad of Toad Hall in a 1933 open top sports Bentley? The start of our second week takes us further back in time to Hadrian’s Wall, the most northern boundary of the Roman Empire. Hadrian's Wall We spend the whole day walking the best of the old frontier separating the Brigantes tribes of Northern England and the Caledonian clans of Scotland. After a week in the foothills, our toned up legs are now ready to take on the more challenging landscape of the English Lake District. We criss-cross the iconic lakes by steamer ferries to find the solitary trails where the romantic poets roamed the fells for their inspiration. Imagine William Wordsworth’s ‘host of golden daffodils’ and visit his homes along the trail. As well as imagining that very scene, we visit William Wordsworth’s homes along the trail. Poets, painters and philosophers have all been drawn to the unique beauty of The English Lakes preserved as a National Park for more than 60 years now.’ Take these Walks back-to-back for an unforgettable experience and we’ll treat you to a night’s accommodation in between, with a 5% Wayfarers’ Loyalty discount on both Walks for first-timers. Here are all the details for our Yorkshire Walk and for Hadrian’s Wall and the Lake District

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