November 10th 2016

The Atlantic coast of North Cornwall stretches for more than 40 miles along a wildly beautiful landscape where towns and villages huddle in the cliffs for protection against the sea. Our Walk here discovers old harbors, mile-wide bays, ancient legends, the scenery that inspired Poldark and Doc Martin on television and so much more.

5 things you maybe never knew about Cornwall

Walking in North Cornwall with The Wayfarers

Here are 5 things you maybe didn’t know about North Cornwall and the places we visit in this corner of southwest England, perfect for a Spring hiking vacation.

  1. A true Cornish pasty, the traditional local meat and potato filled savory, can only be made in the county of Cornwall and is either a 'hen' or a 'cock' pasty, depending on whether the edge of the dough is crimped to the right, or to the left!
  2. The mysterious origins of the British archaeological site most often associated with the legend of King Arthur have just become even more mysterious. Archaeologists have discovered the impressive remains of a probable Dark Age royal palace at Tintagel in Cornwall. Arthur was said to have been conceived at Tintagel as a result of an illicit union between a British king and the beautiful wife of a local ruler.
  3. From the Middle Ages until the middle of the 19th century, Port Isaac (Port Wenn in Doc Martin) was a busy port handling various imports and exports, including coal, timber, pottery and Delabole slate. It’s streets are tiny and Port Isaac is renowned for having one of the narrowest thoroughfares in Britain, the aptly named Squeezy Belly Alley!
  4. Prideaux Place, near Padstow, is an Elizabethan manor house completed in 1592. Reported paranormal activity includes the ghost of a scullery boy given to running around the kitchen, the ghost of a woman dressed in 19th-century clothes who sits and sews in the morning room and the ghost of Honor Fortescue, wife of Humphrey Prideaux, who threw herself off the upper balcony following the death of her husband and has since taken to wearing a green dress and chasing people out of the bedrooms.
  5. At the National Lobster Hatchery center for conservation anyone can adopt a lobster for just US$4 to help pay for thousands of baby lobsters to be raised and released back into the wild.

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