April 19th 2016

Take a leaf out of the Norwegians’ book and make the most of Norway's long, light summer and fall evenings. That’s when the locals find their walking boots, and head outdoors. Norway is blessed with an abundance of natural wonders like fjords, mountains and waterfalls. And although the Scandinavian winters can be long; at other times of year there’s daylight aplenty to make the most of some of the most stunning scenery you will find anywhere in Europe. The air here is pristine; clean and refreshing. The unique Nordic concept 'the right of access' or allemansrätten means that the general public has the right to spend time in the countryside, and hiking is a pastime enjoyed by all ages. And why not, when the Norway of the sparkling fjords boasts a multitude of paths to bring you close to nature? Exploring the Norway Fjords with The Wayfarers

Norway Walk highlights

Enjoy a picnic lunch listening to the thunder of magnificent waterfalls. Feel the power of the mountains and discover how people have lived in this landscape across the centuries by visiting the famous Hardanger folk museum. Visit a 12th-century Staves church, a true piece of Norwegian heritage. Taste the traditional cider produced from apples grown in this region - known as Norway’s orchard - and walk the Fruit Trail too. Taste the famed Brunost, or brown cheese, a true Norwegian specialty. And whatever you do, don’t miss the chance to hike the Folgefonna glacier – an unforgettable three-hour blue-ice trail with breathtaking views. Join us on our Walk starting in the colorful, historic port of Bergen and on to the western fjords. Read more here.

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