March 30th 2019

I love hunting out the hidden gems of Europe; those places that have fewer visitors but have so much to offer an adventurous traveler. Somehow they always seem to capture my heart.

There's no place like Paris, Barcelona or Rome - but Europe has countless untouched corners that are more than a match for the big hitters on beauty and charm, and with far fewer tourist

For Wayfarers, the greatest rewards can come from discovering off-the-beaten path spots where the walking is spectacular.

Croatia is a wonderful example: a stunning coastline with treats like Dubrovnik city, or a sojourn on a tiny island set in a glittering sea.

Off the Beaten Path in Europe with The WayfarersNorway's fjords of cool crystal waters also cast a spell whether viewed as we do, by boat, by foot walking along a snow-capped mountain, or riding on a funicular. This quieter side of Europe brings such jo

Portugal's Algarve coast and France's inscrutable Pays Basque are very different prospects than the typical image of those high-octane beach resorts.

And while Vienna and Prague are deservedly high on the must-visit list, they provide enough breathing space to absorb the atmosphere of centuries - and form a fitting beginning and ending to our chance to explore the very beautiful and fascinating countryside of the Czech Republic.

Take a look below at our suggestions for walking in the paradise that is Europe. I look forward to seeing you out on the trail soon.

Off the Beaten Path in Europe with The Wayfarers

Michael West Founder

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