November 10th 2014

Ireland, be it north or south, is a wonder. The lush green of the ‘Emerald Isle’ enfolds thousands of years of history, in a landscape made for hiking. But will you lace up your boots for the day in the north – part of the United Kingdom and full of contrasts? Or pick the south, the Republic of Ireland, rural, traditional, and quirky? Well there’s no need to choose! Like a perfect pint of Guinness, our Back-to-Back Walks give a true taste of both Irelands, where the warmest of welcomes is guaranteed. And booking any two of our Walks Back-to-Back means that we will treat you to a night’s accommodation in between – and a 5% loyalty discount on both Walks for first-time Wayfarers. Travel south to Killarney to discover The Ring of Kerry, where fingers of land reach out into the clear blue of the Atlantic, and Ireland’s ancient heritage is writ large. Mysterious stone circles where Druids gathered, echoing Franciscan abbeys and the tumult of crystal-clear waterfalls are here to be discovered. Arrive at a beautiful lakeside hotel by boat and eat lunch in traditional local pubs – where the ‘craic’ is as important as the delicious food.

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Discover that it’s quite impossible to sit still during an evening of traditional Irish music and dancing! Hike to a remote farmhouse and find a warm Irish welcome and a chance to taste the wonderful local cheese that’s made there. Pause to see a sheepdog put through its paces and chat to its owner about how he cuts the local peat to heat his home in winter, as have his ancestors across the years. Then head north and get to know Belfast. Today it’s a city full of life and vigor, but take a black taxi tour to get a sense of its troubled past – some not-so-distant - and its importance as a center of shipbuilding. Step out of the city and hike the magnificent Glens of Antrim, with waterfalls, gorges and a chance for the daredevils amongst us to cross the famous Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, a mere 80 feet above a chasm. Tiny Rathlin Island, a boat ride away towards Scotland is an unspoiled wildlife haven – and where Marconi’s first radio communication was made. ni causeway 500 A highlight not to be missed is the Giant’s Causeway. Thousands upon thousands of basalt columns have weathered the centuries and sit on a wild and dramatic coastline. It is estimated that some 70 million people across the world can claim Irish descent and the Famine Folk Museum on Doagh Island provides a fascinating and sobering insight into the ancestors who faced extraordinary hardship – and who traveled to new worlds to carve out a better life. Walk the fine, ancient walls of Londonderry, UK City of Culture 2013 to bring the sojourn in the north to an end. By the end of your Irish idyll, we guarantee memories that will last a lifetime – and a lot of fun along the way! Our next Walks in Ireland depart next May. Find all the details for our Ring of Kerry and Northern Ireland Walks on our website as well as our great Back-to-Back deal.

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