October 28th 2013

We are lucky to have two great guides working with us in Patagonia. Claudio Portal is our Walk Leader while Diego de Angelis is our local guide in El Chalten.
Claudio is a native of Argentina, but he has lived in many countries including England, Greece, France and his family's native Italy. Not surprisingly, he has travelled extensively and speaks many languages. A highly experienced guide, Claudio has led trips in South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. He's also an expert chef and has a great love of food and wine. His party piece is cooking his own excellent handmade pasta for your delectation. Diego is also an experienced guide and mountaineer who owns his own expedition company based in El Chalten. As a local guide for The Wayfarers, Diego brings a unique understanding of the mountains we see on our walks and a high level of expertise on the remoter trails of the Park.
Claudio and Diego know and love Patagonia from the inside out. Their knowledge and warmth illuminates the whole trip and ensures that your memories of this remote and beautiful place will be filled with camaraderie and good fellowship. Here's some feedback from a couple of Wayfarers who walked with them in Patagonia earlier this year: 'Claudio is excellent and one of the best guides/leaders I have ever walked with.' 'I thoroughly enjoyed this trip. It is a trip of a lifetime.' See the website for more details of our Patagonia Walk and special deal booking rate.

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