March 26th 2015

If a vacation is the chance to get away from it all, then hiking in Patagonia is the trip to end all trips. To travel to the end of the earth, to experience the sound of silence across hundreds of miles of Argentina’s far south or to come face to face with a moving, almost living glacier, are experiences that will never be forgotten. The emptiness is such that nature grows wild and beautiful. Condors wheel overhead and guanaco, the camel’s graceful wild relative are seen alongside the trail (take note, if they are not happy about something, they spit, with impressive accuracy!) Meet a guanaco... Among Earth’s most dynamic and accessible ice fields, the Perito Moreno Glacier is the stunning centerpiece of the southern sector of Los Glaciares National Park. It’s 30km long, 5km wide and 60m high and it creeps forward at up to 2m a day, as icebergs the size of buildings crash from its face with a thunderous roar. And if that isn’t enough ice, suit up in a furry cape and enter a blue-lit bar carved from glacial ice and have a drink in where the ice is the glass! On the northern extreme of the park, the granite peaks, lakes, woods and glaciers create one of the most extraordinary places in the world. The highest mountains are Mount Fitz Roy at 3,405m and Mount Torre. Staying in a simple, but comfortable and cosy inn beside a glacial torrent or in a unique lodge set in 3,000 hectares of the majesty and solitude of the Anita Valley, this is a Walk of a lifetime. Patag - mountain in cloud (Paolo S) copy Wayfarers’ Walk Leader Paolo Santioli, who is usually taking the trail in Italy, joined the Walk in Patagonia and was overwhelmed. 'This definitely is a spectacular land - immense is the adjective I would use,' he said. 'It’s serene, a primitive, untouched, hidden corner of our planet. 'My favorite place was the hike to the blue lagoon. 'It is also memorable to experience the strong winds coming all of a sudden when you are near the glaciers or in a valley. 'Always keep an eye open for the gigantic condors. 'As for the Cerro Torre glacier and Mount Fitz Roy, if you are lucky to be there in a good day, it is just amazing. 'Of course the Perito Moreno glacier is a must-see!' Check out our Walk in Patagonia here.

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