July 18th 2014

He who rushes, wastes time, goes the old Patagonian proverb.
And there is no rushing Patagonia. A remote paradise at the ends of the earth, this vast region is one of the world's most stunning areas of unspoiled wilderness. Hiking in the Argentinian borderlands along the spine of the Andes offers an unbeatable opportunity to absorb the stunning views of lakes, mountains and glaciers. The silence of the steppes and the sheer, magical emptiness is the perfect place to hike with an expert local guide and Walk manager who specialise in taking guests off the beaten track on foot, giving them a rich cultural experience of the region, including its people, food and traditions. Walk in the footsteps of the early settlers and meet the gauchos who still work the land on remote ranches. In the midst of the Los Glaciares National Park cruise to almost touching distance of the great Perito Moreno glacier where great ice boulders break away with a crack and a roar. Watch out for guanacos and hares, condors and flamingoes, maybe even a puma.
Spend a day close to nature at the Peninsula de las Colonias, wildlife trekking and helping prepare a campfire lunch. And talking of lunch, Patagonia offers regional specialties that are hard to match anywhere else in the world. The region is most known for its tender lamb (cordero), roasted slowly over an open flame - of the asado, or barbecue. Another local delicacy is wild boar (jabalĂ­), which, while not native to Patagonia, is today one of its most important meats. And, of course, diners will want to enjoy venison (ciervo) as well as Patagonia's fresh seafood options, including trout, king crab and salmon. And whatever you do, don't forget the Lemon Pie at La Leona, an isolated inn once the refuge of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! And if you are heading to the ends of the earth, don't miss the opportunity to extend the trip and stay in vibrant Buenos Aires, enjoy a relaxing stay at a traditional estancia or hike in the Torres del Paine, Chilean Patagonia. Find out more about this once in a lifetime vacation on our website

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