May 23rd 2016

Two great and fascinating cities provide the start and end points on our unmissable Prague to Dresden Walk. From the capital of the Czech Republic, to the wonderful restoration of the capital of the free state of Saxony, the riches of European history are laid out in front of us. Prague had a reputation as one of the world’s most beautiful cities as far back as the Middle Ages. More than a thousand years of building has created architectural gems from Gothic monasteries to Renaissance gardens. The river Vltava wends its timeless way through the city and makes for a charming stroll along the banks and through the maze-like Old Town. Why not arrive in Prague early and spend some time getting to know the city – or better still, take our companion Vienna to Prague Walk, part of our Crossroads of Europe package as well!

From Prague to Dresden

From a city almost untouched, to one virtually razed to the ground 70 years ago, the spires, domes, churches and palaces of Dresden are a testament to the city’s spirit. Since the devastating Allied bombing campaign of 1945, buildings have been rebuilt and the treasures of the 18th century (removed from the Baroque city before the fire-storm) take pride of place in the museums. Prague to Dresden Walking Vacations with The Wayfarers And between the two discover this landscape of artists and poets.
  • Head out to unspoilt picture-postcard villages with old, timber-framed houses and painted wooden churches.
  • Take advantage of trams and narrow-gauge railways to help with some of the steeper inclines to make the most of dramatic mountain landscapes with amazing views.
  • Our route takes us deep into the heart of Saxon Switzerland, a wilderness area of great beauty with wild forests, sandstone plateaus and rocky gorges.
  • Marvel at the unique crystal sculptures in the world-renowned Linda glassworks.
  • Take a guided boat tour up the awe-inspiring Prebischtor Gorge.
For more information read all about our Prague to Dresden Walk here

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