May 26th 2016

26 May 2016 THE WAYFARERS WALKING VACATIONS OFFERS FREE NIGHT FOR ‘BACK-TO-BACK’ HIKERS The Wayfarers Walking Vacations is offering a free night’s accommodation for keen hikers who book any two of their all-inclusive Walks back-to-back. The Wayfarers’ founder Michael West says the 'two vacations in one' option is proving popular with clients who want to get the most value out of a long-haul flight – and immerse themselves in a particular region, or even take in two different countries. Michael adds: 'Many of our Walks are designed so that two taken together make perfect sense – a great way to really get to know Ireland, or Sicily, for example. Our Crossroads of Europe package from Vienna to Prague, and then Prague to Dresden is a wonderful experience. 'But it is possible to take two Walks in completely different countries and this is an increasingly popular option, as our Wayfarers want to get the very most from their budget and their precious vacation time. That’s why we are more than happy to treat our back-to-backers to a night in a hotel between Walks.' Jan Hoyt and Dan Folliard from Oregon took this spring’s Walks in Puglia, Italy and in Portugal back-to-back. Their view: 'From a financial position, a person only pays once for the plane fare over and back, which is a huge saving. 'Not only that, we had the chance to meet two sets of fellow Wayfarers walkers. 'Sometimes people from the first Walk continue on, giving us more time to get to know old and new friends. 'Wendy Houle on the Travel Desk and The Wayfarers’ Newport RI team were wonderful at providing travel connections from Bari, Italy, to Faro, Portugal.  We even comfortably made the hour connection through Gatwick with our luggage! 'Last but not least, The Wayfarers’ custom of providing a complimentary night ‘on them’ is much appreciated and makes the transit process smoother.' Louise Halfpenny from Texas also took the Walks in tandem. She says: 'Over the years I have done many back-to-backs with The Wayfarers, with the greatest distance between being the Hadrian's Wall Walk to the Cinque Terre. 'It is a little hectic going that far, but it worked.  My hope that the first Walk helps me get in shape for the second!  In the case of my Walks this year, that was definitely true.' See to plan back-to-back Walks. Photo caption: 1. (Left to right) Back-to-backers Jan Hoyt, Dan Folliard and Louise Halfpenny with The Wayfarers in Portugal.
  1. The Wayfarers Walking Vacations spend time at Matera, on the Walk in Puglia, Italy. (Photo: Dale Brown)
For more information on any of our Walks and destination images, please contact Anne King at Watershed PR on 0044 1308 420785 or email [email protected] NOTE TO EDITORS: Tel: 1-800-249-4620 Facebook The Wayfarers Walking Vacations; Twitter @wayfarers; Instagram Wayfarerswalks. About The Wayfarers Walking Vacations: Founded more than 30 years ago, The Wayfarers Walking Vacations were named by National Geographic Traveler as purveyor of one of the ‘50 Tours of a Lifetime,’ and by National Geographic Adventure as one of the ‘Best Hiking Companies,’ The Wayfarers offer eco-sensitive hiking vacations in 18 countries with 40+ itineraries. Seeing local cultures and place on foot and up-close, they provide the ultimate in Slow Travel. Walks cover England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Norway, New Zealand, Patagonia, Colorado and Southwest USA. Wayfarers’ Walks offer exclusive entrees into homes and gardens otherwise closed to the public, graceful accommodations, outstanding cuisine, and meetings with local residents. Walks are from 6-13 days and are rated on a five-level challenge scale. Price per person is all-inclusive from Day One: including all transfers, hotel accommodation, full board plus twice daily snacks, wine with dinner, tips, and entrance tickets. The Wayfarers are a member of Trusted Adventures,, dedicated to the highest standards of small-group travel and supporting local economies. The Wayfarers Walk Away Guide explains the benefits and practicalities of walking vacations and is guaranteed to inspire new walkers. Available free of charge at The Wayfarers 2016 brochure ENDS The Wayfarers Walking Vacations The Wayfarers Walking Vacations

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