February 9th 2016

Italian food seems perfect for romance and the cuisine in Puglia is perfection! The cuisine of Puglia, that rustic, rugged region that forms the 'heel' of the Italian boot, is rightly renowned. It is gaining a global reputation for its simplicity and use of great local ingredients. Puglian 'cucina povera', or 'poor cooking' was once about belt-tightening, but now chimes with a wish to eat 'clean' and without factory processing.

Dining in Puglia with The Wayfarers

Famous for its cheese and wines Puglia has one of the longest coastlines in mainland Italy, so seafood is in abundance. Freshness is all-important as is the provenance: people cook overwhelmingly with locally produced or reared foodstuffs such as durum wheat, tomatoes, artichokes, fava beans, zucchini, fennel, peppers, onions, seafood and lamb. They all benefit from the 300-plus days of sunshine each year. Due to the Puglia’s history and location, its dishes have been influenced by Greek, Spanish, Arabic and French cuisines, which resulted in some of the best food in Italy, and dishes that aren’t found in northern regions of the country. Puglia has been an agricultural region for hundreds of years. With 60 million olive trees, the region produces more olive oil than the rest of Italy put together. What’s more, every single olive tree is protected by Unesco.

The Mediterranean diet is recognized as Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage. Think of the classic local pasta orecchiette (or 'little ears'), burrata and mozzarella cheeses, bread from the wood-fired ovens of Altamura, ‘friselle’ rolls topped with ripe scarlet tomatoes… And don’t forget the spicy, inky primitivo wine, part of Puglia’s enological excellence.

Making Cheese in Puglia with The Wayfarers

A highlight of our Walk is a visit to a small farm where we will see cheese being made and eat it, fresh as can be, for our lunch. Come on our Walk in Puglia and taste what makes this place special.

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