February 5th 2013

by Alan Pinkney Think of silence, lost highways, frontiers, glaciers, condors, ranches, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, gauchos and guanacos.  Add the Andes, mountain forests, pristine lakes, rivers and you have remote Patagonia.  vast region which knows no borders spreading it's wilderness across Argentina and Chile.  Our party of pioneering Wayfarers saw the best of Argentine Patagonia in 8 days. This was December and The Wayfarers inaugural walk in South America which can only be described as the ultimate walking tour.  We tasted the best beef, the freshest trout and toasted with the renowned Malbec wine. Some of us walked, some rode horseback, whichever mode of travel, we were surrounded by the Spring flora, fauna and bird life of this ecologically protected sanctuary where sheep have the right of way!

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