March 15th 2017

What is it really like to take a Wayfarers Walking Vacation? Nobody is better placed to explain than our Wayfarers themselves. We love to get feedback from our guests and now we have gathered their thoughts on our Walks from Cornwall to Colorado and Ireland to Italy! Whether it’s about our great Wayfarers’ team, dining and lodging while we’re on the trail, the quality and value of our tours, or simply the whole 'Wayfarers’ Experience', see the new Reviews page on our website. Direct from our Walkers at The Wayfarers

We love our Wayfarers' feedback

And we would love for our Wayfarers to send us their reviews of our Walks – and photos too – so we can share them with friends old and new. The Wayfarers’ founder Michael West says: 'Ever since The Wayfarers began, we have truly valued our guests’ feedback and listened to what they love about our Walks and even what they think we might do better. 'Now we are sharing their thoughts on our website for our Wayfaring friends new and old to enjoy and find help them find exactly the right Walk.'

Download: PDF Document.
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