June 27th 2011

We going to start a new section on our Blog, it's going to be about what you can do with our website. Did you know our website can...
  1. Write Reviews on ANY of our walks... when you get back from that wonderful vacation, you can just head over to your Account and view a list of all the walks you have been on*. Select the one you wish to review and drop us a line.
We'd love to hear your experiences...
  • Share Photos We've built into our website a really simple way for you to share your photos. Visit any Walk you like or have been on and select 'Scrapbook' from the left hand menu.You can write a short snippet or add a link to your Facebook Album, or Flickr account or ANY link you like... that relates to the trip, for example, an article you've seen on the New York Times.And don't worry we have all the privacy issues covered, you can choose to share your scrapbooking with just people who've been on the same walk as you, just members of The Wayfarers or with everyone.
Wayfarers Friends are starting to return from their vacations; we have just completed the Founders Walk in Alsace and that will be running again on the 4th of September. * If the Walk you've just taken is not listed when you log into your Wayfarers' website account, contact us and we'll add it.

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