June 29th 2014

Marvellous Sicily - it's Italy, but perhaps not quite as we know it! Centuries of warring by Greeks, Arabs, Romans and Bourbons have put an indelible stamp on the sun-baked island off the 'toe' of Italy. Hiking in Sicily is the perfect way to discover the wonderful mixture of culture and antiquity that makes this, the largest island in the Mediterranean, a crossroads of Mediterranean culture. And our Wayfarers on the recent Walks in Eastern and Western Sicily grabbed some pictures to give the real flavor of the place. And when we say flavor, we mean all that's great about Italian food, with a lot more besides. A sweet tooth is almost a legal requirement in this land of sweetmeats and these pastries are just a sample of the treats - which are highly likely to appear on our well-deserved breaks. But start walking to burn off some of those calories and discover Greek temples, Baroque palazzos, and Norman churches, with thousands of years of history laid out in front of us. And when it comes to natural wonders here they are aplenty, from the smoking volcanic craters of Mount Etna to the still relatively undiscovered, but stunning beaches of the southern coast. Book now for our next Eastern Sicily Walk, departing in October.

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