May 13th 2010

Garden of Villa Celsa
By Judy Allpress My sister Meredith and I are bound for Florence tomorrow where we first fell in love with the city more than thirty years ago. I was living in Rome working in the tourist industry and my little sister took a semester break from Boulder to live with me. I’d been in Rome a few years, spoke decent Italian and drove an orange Fiat 500. She thought I was amazing. Over the years our favorite stories have always been about the times we shared in Italy…Christmas shopping in Piazza Santa Croce, our favorite village of Orvieto, her favorite lunch, scamorza. When our mother said she’d treat us to trip down memory lane we hugged and cried with delight. Then she handed us a bundle of letters, posted from various places all over Italy during the eight years I had lived there. She had saved every single word, impression and life experience for me to remember later. What a gift! Now it’s 2010 – where did the time go? Our last trip together was in 1989 when we took The Wayfarers Walk in Dartmoor and Exmoor with our father. Precious memories that only sisters can share! I guess it’s a family thing. Follow us along the trails in the Chianti region with Alessandro Tombelli, garden designer and horticulture specialist....private gardens, visits to villas and a cooking class by Loredana Betti at Castello di Spannocchia. Catch Judy's updates on our Facebook fan page May 16 – 22, 2010.

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