December 12th 2014

It’s that time of year – to look back with a smile, and, most of all, to look forward with a tingle of anticipation! So we have put together a little treat – a video of our Wayfarers out on the trail, in some of the loveliest settings the world has to offer. trailer play button2 From Patagonia to the Pays Basque, Northumberland to New Zealand, and Sicily to Slovenia, we can’t wait to lace up our boots and take you on a vacation you will never forget. Whether it’s crunching through fallen leaves, strolling through a sun-baked vineyard – with the promise of a taste of some of its produce later on – or visiting a magnificent stately home or a King’s palace, we have Walks full of fun and wonder. So if you are already a Wayfarers Friend or a new friend we hope to meet in 2015, settle back in your seat, and feel that warm sun on your back and the earth under your feet. You can find details of all our 2015 Walks on our brochure, available in e-formats or in print. And don’t forget we are here to answer any queries and arrange a walking vacation like no other. Happy holidays!

Download: PDF Document.
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