June 3rd 2015

Light, color, dizzying views down to the sea, Italian food, glorious buildings – what makes a Wayfarers’ hiking vacation in Italy? We asked our Wayfarers Friends Nola and Tom Lundy what made their recent Walk on the Amalfi Coast – and here’s their list, illustrated by pictures from Walk Leader Alessandro Tombelli. 'We have always hiked with The Wayfarers in autumn, but in spring, the wildflowers were just gorgeous!' says Nola. amalfi lemons copy 500 'And the lemon trees were in bloom at the same time as being loaded with fruit, so the scent was lovely. But in fall, the trees will be heavy with hanging fruit and pomegranates.' Says Tom: 'The Capri hike was astounding. Getting away from the crowds and eating lunch on a hillside terrace, overlooking the water – wonderful! 'The lunch when we walked from Sorrento and had lunch at the restaurant on the beach – wow! There must have been 20 appetisers – they just kept coming…' amalfi guitar man Being serenaded by a guitar player in Positano – and being given instruments to join in was 'a really fun night,' both Nola and Tom agree. Adds Nola: 'The boat ride along the coast from Sorrento was just amazing with incredible views. The water was all shades of blue and the rocky outcroppings were incredible. 'Then during the hike along the Path of the Gods we came across an old, uninhabited stone house. The owner, who used to live there came with a mule, which carried all the supplies for lunch and we had barbecued sausages, salads, everything. It was wonderful.' amalfi view from on high The gardens in Ravello, the hike down through wooded areas of waterfalls and pools passing long-disused paper mills, coming upon a woman making sheep’s cheese on her farm and enjoying slices of the fresh cheese, finding out about Roman 'fast food' stalls in Pompeii – Nola and Tom’s list goes on and on. "It is the unique things that only The Wayfarers do, that we love,' says Nola. 'Paolo, our Walk Manager and Alessandro, our Walk Leader, make it so special,' adds Tom. 'We love it because the most difficult decision you are going to have to make on a Wayfarers Walk is what you are going to eat for dinner!' Read more about our hike on the Amalfi Coast here. The next departure is in September.

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