May 31st 2013

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Guest post by Michael Nirenberg, DPM Walking vacations are as good as it gets to stay in shape, learn about new places and most importantly, have fun. On my walking blog (, I discuss ways to get people walking for health and moving in a positive direction with exercise habits. When we go on a vacation, we have a choice: We can sit by a pool sipping a high-calorie creation or we can go on a walking vacation and see the Wonders of the World, while getting ourselves fit. When you go on a walking vacation, you will experience a host of physical, mental and even spiritual benefits, but first let’s talk about WHERE you can go. Location, Location, Location My father, a real estate developer, drilled these three words into me. Clearly, location matters. The Wayfarers’ vacations can take you to some amazing locations. As an American, I will focus on what I know best: America. In The Wayfarers’ walks through the U.S., you can find that adventurous spirit setting the tone for every trip into the American West. At a glance, few spectacles carry the same weight as the Grand Canyon, an epic chasm that has captivated human beings (and our predecessors) for countless millennia. The Wayfarers make this destination the centerpiece of its tour through Arizona and Utah. In fact, after two days spent hiking by the Grand Canyon, you're bound to feel ready to tackle anything.
The journey then shifts to Utah, where travelers enter another era, where Hollywood directors tried to revive the stirring clashes of the Wild West. It’s Red Rock Country, where westerns were filmed with regularity and movie stars tried to stay in character. Bryce Canyon is the main draw, but the movie set at Kanab will draw just as much curiosity and get you reaching for your camera. After that, The Wayfarers head to Zion for more spectacular national park walks. It caps off a wondrous journey through a mesmerizing part of the world. Revitalizing the Spirit Within You’ll breathe the fresh mountain air; feel the glow of the sun and atmosphere that remain untouched by pollution; and get the power back in your body as you stretch your legs in the world’s most thrilling places. People who have pain and other problems from exercising in a gym can always go walking. There’s a pace – and a place – that will for work for walkers of any age. The Wayfarers’ trip to New Mexico is another perfect example. New Mexico: Sante Fe, Ghost Ranch and Sangre de Cristo The walking vacation through New Mexico is another reason to start packing your bags. The trip kicks off near the Rio Grande Valley, takes walkers through the Rock Mountains and keeps going to Taos Pueblo, site of oldest continuously inhabited home in the United States. These sites are a far cry from the bustle of New York or the placid beauty of San Francisco, and represent the New World at its most dramatic. Let Your Vacation Motivate You to Walk More Naturally, a walking vacation is great for your health, but more than that, the act of booking a walking vacation will spur you to get in better shape. Unlike when you plan for a vacation where you’ll be lounging by the pool or sitting at a slot machine, knowing you will be walking a few miles (or more) every day will encourage you to walk more as your vacation approaches. The Ticket to a Longer, Healthier Life It seems like I receive a new scientific study every week that shows how beneficial regular walking is for your health. Yet that doesn't make it fun to go walking in a snowstorm, or any place when you are tired of the same old scenery. Walking vacations are the way to break up the monotony, get your blood pumping in a different time zone and open up your senses to the world around (and within) you. The research will continue being published. Walking will make you feel young while it adds years to your lifespan. The only question is how far you are willing to go. If you decide on a vacation with The Wayfarers, I guarantee you'll increase that distance a great deal.
Dr. Michael Nirenberg is a practicing podiatrist and walking teacher who publishes, a site geared toward health-conscious adults looking to walk more productively. One of the leaders in walking education, Dr. Nirenberg blogs for the American Volkssport Association (, publishes in medical journals and he has appeared on major television networks.

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