January 4th 2017

For a spring hiking vacation, can France be bettered?

In such a vast country, we are spoiled for choice by an array of landscapes and cultures.

It could be hard to choose… are you tempted by the fiery personality of the Pays Basque, deep in the southwest?

Is the lush, history-rich ancient Dukedom of Burgundy more for you?

Or what about the unique mix of France and Germany that can only be found in Alsace?

Pays Basque - mountains and a sparkling coast

Jammed between the brilliant blue Bay of Biscay and the craggy foothills of the Pyrenees, the Pays Basque (Basque Country) feels one step removed from the rest of France.

The untamed beauty of this wild coast, nudging the border with Spain, is interspersed with sophisticated Basque towns like Biarritz, with their heady mix of port and beach life.

Up in the mountains, the pretty villages and farms nestle in green valleys surrounded by open slopes and a semi-wild landscape.

The origins of the Basques remain shrouded in mystery but the songs, festivals, sports, distinctive regional cuisine and folklore reveal a unique history and strong cultural identity where they still speak the oldest living language in Europe.

The Pays Basque will steal your heart if you want to :

  • Hike amid the untamed beauty of semi-wild landscape.
  • Learn about a unique, ancient culture.
  • Walk along a glorious seashore with the spectacular backdrop of the Pyrenees
  • Stay in an historic fortress with dramatic Atlantic Ocean views
  • Enjoy a guided chocolate tasting

Read more about our Walk here.

Burgundy - walks and wines

Burgundy has been at the heart of French history since the Middle Ages. Its lush, rolling countryside shelters lively medieval towns, the Burgundy canal and magnificent chateaux.

The wild reaches of the stern granite Morven hills, forests, lakes and valleys – and of course some of the world’s most important vineyards – are laid out to tempt you.

Our Walk amid Burgundy’s riches is for you if:

  • You want to wander some of the most beautiful villages in France, including the location where the movie Chocolat was filmed.
  • You enjoy wine tasting in the cellars of world famous chateaux.
  • You yearn to explore the ruins of the great Benedictine abbey at Cluny.
  • You love the idea of visiting the magnificent Chateau of Commarin and be greeted by the current owner, a descendant of the Duke of Burgundy.

Find out more here:

Alsace - castles, villages and vineyards

With castles in the Vosges foothills, famous 'fortress' villages and poignant memories of the First World War’s bloody front line, the heritage of Alsace is waiting to be discovered at every turn of the trail.

A unique combination of French and Germanic cultures, this is a Walk for those who love history, monuments… and food!

Alsatian wine and cuisine is synonymous with good times shared. The famous Wine Route leads us from villages (among the most beautiful France has to offer) to vineyards producing the varietals Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer.3 Fabulous Faces of France - Which Will You Choose?

You’ll love Alsace if you want to:

  • Taste fine Alsatian cuisine and regional specialties.
  • Learn more about the fascinating military history from both World Wars.
  • Discover wines of the region.
  • Explore picturesque flower-decked villages with half-timbered houses and cobbled streets.

If that’s tempting, check out our itinerary here.

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