August 21st 2012

We thought you'd enjoy reading what some recent guests had to say about their experiences in New Zealand.  We asked them what they thought of their guides and what their favorite aspects of the trip were and below are their responses. 
'Excellent! Both Sandra and John were patient, helpful, knowledgeable, great sense of humor. It was a real pleasure getting to know them. ' Claire Bellanti ‘The experience exceeded our expectations.  John and Sandy Knox are outstanding guides who really know the country - the New Zealand natural history and its people. The meals and accommodations were outstanding as well.’  George & Camille McGregor
‘John Knox seemed to know everyone on the South Island, and he went out of his way to introduce me to local scientists.  Sandy was very knowledgeable about New Zealand flora and fauna.  Both had a great sense of humor.’ George & Camille McGregor 'John Knox is an intelligent, caring and kind individual with a great sense of humor and a depth of knowledge about New Zealand culture, geography, flora and fauna. He is one of the best guides we have ever had on any guided trip.  He has organized this trip with great care to show the diversity of New Zealand's landscape and I appreciated his leadership of the group.' Barbara Hauser 'I loved this trip.  I had heard of the "legend" of John Knox and it is all true.' Barbara Hauser 'John was exceptional - totally commited to providing the "perfect walking experience".  He is full of great information, is easy-going and calm and very good-natured. He is an excellent driver, always keeping safety first.  I really enjoyed my interactions with John. ' Larry Hauser 'Both Pat and Sandra took great care of the flock.  I especially appreciated the Wayfarers' touch, viz, their flexibility in shepherding groups of both slow and fast walkers.' Larry Hauser ‘The thrill of the two glacier walks is hard to beat.’ Claire Bellanti 'This trip exceeded my expectations!'  Larry Hauser
Come to New Zealand with The Wayfarers and see for yourself!   2013 New Zealand Walk Dates:  February 5-18 and March 5-18 2014 New Zealand Walk Dates: February 4-17 and March 4-17  

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