February 9th 2015

medieval vid The classic landscapes of Tuscany are a hikers' paradise. Regiments of cypress trees and sun-kissed vineyards unfold before you as you head to the next picturesque historic hilltop town. Old walls hide ancient buildings, which look out over incredible views. Renaissance works of art and grand, ornate churches fill impressive squares in cities like Siena, Lucca and Orvieto. In an artisan workshop medieval crafts and skills are undertaken as they would have been across the centuries. From clattering, fantastical wooden contraptions to fat silkworms munching contentedly on mulberry leaves, this is history, live and breathing. Strings of wicks are dipped and dipped again in molten wax to become beautiful, long candles, a coin-maker stamps out his treasure with a flourish. Our three Walks in Tuscany offer the very best in slow-travel in a region rich in color and light. Classic Tuscany weaves a spell from Siena to Renaissance Pienza. Hear a Gregorian chant in an old abbey; visit the caves where St Francis lived and learn how to prepare delicious Tuscan specialties. In Tuscany and Umbria, delight at the stunning Etruscan city of Orvieto, visit the medieval studio in Bevagna, wander the Chianti vineyards walk to Assisi to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Basilica of St Francis. Our new Walk, from Lucca to Siena, highlighting the ancient Pilgrims’ Way of the Via Francigena, is a delight. Cities segue into a trail through fields and olive groves. Stay a couple of nights in beautiful San Gimignano and of course, sample the fantastic local food and wines. So, why not spend a little bit of time in a snowy winter dreaming of Italy? Watch our video, browse our brochure – and make that dream come true! Our next Walks in Tuscany depart in May and June.

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