September 25th 2009

Question: What could be better than a walk exploring the landscape and culture of another country? Answer: 42 walks That's right, 42 Wayfarers' walks is better than one and veteran Wayfarer Joyce Tseng has earned all the walk badges to prove it! From New Zealand to South Africa to England and France, Joyce has enjoyed adding nearly every Wayfarers' walk to her world-travel portfolio. So on her first visit to Rhode Island yesterday, Joyce though it only fitting to pay our Newport Office a visit. Joyce brought her hand-sewn shawl decorated to display all of her 42 walk badges to show Newport Office staffers. So how does Joyce keep busy between Wayfarers' Walks? On the side, Joyce is also an international marathon runner! (Editor's Note: Joyce is an amazing inspiration to us all. But don't worry, a marathon runner's fitness is not required for our walks!)

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