July 16th 2015

We love to tell you about our Walks – but why not hear it straight from our Wayfarers, fresh from their adventures on the trail? Paige on our Coast to Coast Adventure: Alan was expert in every sense of the word, with his keen direction of the group and our every need.  Each day with him in the lead provided great comfort as well as the fun sense of humor and great knowledge of the land. Hoping to take the Ring of Kerry Walk with Alan in the lead in the near future. Walk Manager Bill was a delight with his attention over and beyond the needs of myself and the entire group.  His constant consideration of the all the many, many details was expedited fabulously.  Bill's wisdom and skill of being with your company so many years proves the formula developed is a real success story. paige arnold benjamin in scotland Then Paige went back-to-back on the Walk in Scotland : 'Taking the Scotland trip provided me with rest, reflection and time to slow down to walk amongst the beauty. 'The formula of Wayfarers is almost indescribable, as I tell my friends here at home.  You have to experience Wayfarer's to understand.  Flawless to the guest, very hard work for the above team to pull flawless off. 'Home, after a life changing trip has breathed new life into me and I know that my decision was correct after years of research. Wayfarer's is the way to walk in the future.' Annette came to Cornwall: I’ve wanted to go to Southwest England for a long time because I had seen pictures, heard about it, and knew it was beautiful.  It’s a cliché, but 'there’s nothing like being there'. I have traveled a great deal in the US, Europe, and Great Britain, and Cornwall is truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  This was my fourth Wayfarers hike and my seventh hiking trip and I think that  the paths and trails that the Wayfarers has laid out for the week of hiking were the most consistently beautiful and varied of any hiking trip I have been on. cornwall coast and trail 2015 The walk offers so much variety – the sea, the cliffs, the woodlands, meadows, farmland, small villages, boat rides, solitude, companionship.  And, then, there’s the history, the literature, the music, the art.  The hiking is some of the best I’ve done with Wayfarers – off roads, good trails, beautiful, calming, freeing." 'Nothing could have prepared me for the glacier,' says Joan of her Norway Walk. 'Had I known I would never have gone. As soon as we came down, I was so grateful that I went because it was an experience of a lifetime. 'I loved every aspect from the fjords, the farms, the forests, waterfalls, the intense green of land, blue of waters. 'What a great company. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to walk the earth while having every need attended to. I am so grateful. 'When we get home we are going to read our brochure and pick our next Wayfarers Walk,' said Rod and Janice, after their Wayfarers experience in Sicily. And Stephanie said: 'My images of our walks along the beach in the Vendicari, through the Pantalica tunnels, and on the shoulders of Mt Etna, will stay with me for a long time.' stepping stones at Cray Cookie tells us : 'I want you guys to know what a fabulous time I had on the Yorkshire trip. I must tell you that it was one of the best vacations ever! Especially walking through such gorgeous country with few people, hearing Alan explain the history, being with Sue, who has got to be one of the most organized gals I know, the food, the country...gosh I guess everything was wonderful. My first trip with Wayfarers will not be my last. Thanks for all your help. It made a huge difference. People in England were so nice...I had no problem getting around. Loved it, loved it! Hope to take one of my daughters on my next trip.

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