April 9th 2015

Many actors, from Laurence Olivier and Al Pacino to Kevin Spacey and Mark Rylance have attempted to portray Shakespeare’s King Richard III. Benedict Cumberbatch, who is Richard's very, very distant cousin, is next in line for the challenging role.richard III The last of the Plantagenets’ ignominious end, and rediscovery under a car park in Leicester has re-ignited the debate about him. The recent reburial of Richard’s remains – controversially, for Yorkshire men and women not in York, has again raised the question: was he villain or hero? Many words have been written, films directed and documentaries made and the world has watched, enthralled. But is it possible that on our Walk in Yorkshire  we can unravel the mysteries of this complex monarch and discover his real character? Our Walk Leader, Alan Pinkney, a Yorkshireman through and through has this to say: 'Supposedly one of the most notorious villains in English history, Richard was regarded as a hero in the north of the country. 'A king of stature and benefactor to the people of Yorkshire, it is in Middleham that we walk to the forbidding castle of his youth. 'There he trained to become the future warrior King and met his future Queen, Anne Neville. 'It is in Middleham Castle that his only legitimate child was born and later died; so changing the course of English history and an end to the Plantagenet dynasty. 'Anyone interested in finding out more should join us in Yorkshire for a true insight into the life of the last Yorkist King of England!' The view from Bolton Castle ramparts Yorkshire is rich in history, set amid the fabulous scenery of the Dales and moors and we climb castle towers and come upon ruined abbeys along the trail – and there are plenty of wayside inns set to welcome weary Wayfarers with a brimming pint mug and a hearty meal too! Why not take the Yorkshire Walk this May back to back with Hadrian’s Wall/English Lakes and hike even further back in time along the northern frontier of the Roman Empire?

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