How Fit Do I Need to Be?
The Wayfarers walks are rated numerically, one to five, from Easy to Energetic. Each rating is based on a combination of type of terrain, distance, time and elevation gain. The Wayfarers can help you assess your own fitness when it comes time to choose.

How Many People Will Be on the Trip?
The Wayfarers takes a maximum of 16 walkers per trip, but average between 10 and 12.

Where Do We Stay?
As a small, independent company, The Wayfarers avoids hotel chains in favor of locally-owned inns. You can expect gracious English manor houses, Tuscan villas, French châteaux, medieval inns, and rustic lodges in the American West, all chosen for their character, location, and the warmth of their welcome.

What if it Rains?
The walk typically goes on, though you do have the option of taking the van. Bring Gore-Tex jackets and pants, as well as Gore-Tex hiking boots, to keep you dry during the wettest afternoons.

I’m Traveling Solo, Will I Fit in?
If you’re traveling on your own, you’ll fit right in with a Wayfarers’ group! Here’s a chance to meet other like-minded people and share the camaraderie of the trail. You can be sure to feel welcome and at ease whatever your circumstances. Our trips are popular with solo travelers who want to explore off the beaten track in safety and comfort. You can make new friends and enjoy relaxed companionship along the way. As a solo traveler you’ll enjoy exactly the same high standards of accommodation as paired travelers. We offer reasonably priced single supplements and you’ll stay in the same category of room.

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