A walking vacation allows you to experience a country, region or area in your own way and at your own pace. Below are some of our recommendations to prepare for your Walk:

Get Fit for Your Trip

Walking is the most natural form of exercise and going on a walking vacation can be an inspiration to make positive healthy lifestyle choices. Anyone who is reasonably fit will benefit from and enjoy a walking vacation. But who has time to walk for hours each day? To ensure that you are in the best possible shape for your vacation, The Wayfarers has partnered with Fit for Trips to offer fitness programs crafted specifically for your walking itinerary. Consider replacing your current workout with one from the experts at Fit for Trips. Traveling with us means that you automatically receive an 25% discount when you purchase any Fit for Trips program.

Regardless of your fitness level, and whether you will train at the gym or at home, Fit for Trips’ easy to use step-by-step fitness programs will help you get the most out of the trip that you have booked. Fit for Trips' programs can give you self-assurance, boost your energy level, and help you physically prepare for your walking itinerary.

Bring back great memories! Let Fit for Trips help. For more information click our logo.

The Wayfarers 'Get Ready to Walk Shop'

Packing is the key to an enjoyable trip. Below are some of the things you can find at our Get Ready to Walk Shop.

The Wayfarers have partnered with New Headings to create a fun, easy to use one stop shop for all your walking gear needs. We have a range of logo gear including polo shirts, sunshirts, day packs, Tilley hats and more. We also recommend looking at our Get Ready to Walk Shop for some of the high quality walking essentials to kit you out from head to toe. Check out our 'Get Ready To Walk Shop'

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